Inner Space of Bay County

Address: 2124 E. 3rd St. (across from Sweet Magnolia’s),
Millville, FL 32401

Cell: (850) 814-9094

Business Description:
Custom Design And Installation Of Clothing Storage Systems, Garage Storage, Bath Mirror And Bath Enclosures, Bath Hardware And Door Hardware & Locking Systems.

Personal Comment: After 40 years of wandering I finally accepted Christ and His gift of salvation along with the understanding of the blessing of brokenness. What non-believers perceive to be intuition or gut-feeling, we recognize as the Holy Spirit. What they think of as impossible is our opportunity to join God in faith. What they see as a choice between right and wrong, we know to be a chance to prove ourselves as being what we profess personally and professionally. I thank and praise God for trusting me with the opportunity to serve Him and you. James 1:2-27.