Testimony / God Story

of John P. Moneyham, P.A.
God is Everywhere

Christians are often asked where they have seen God at work recently. I see God everywhere-in nature, in other people and even in technology in which God has given humans the mental capacity to use in amazing ways.

Some people believe God does not reveal himself as He did in Biblical times because He doesn’t perform miracles such as walking on water or parting the sea. I see miracles that...

evidence God’s presence on a continual basis. My position is summed up by the following words of a song “Holy Now” by Peter Mayer: “Wine from water is not so small-But an even better magic trick Is that anything is here at all-So the challenging thing becomes Not to look for miracles-But finding where there isn’t one.” It is truly a miracle that we are alive, that God cared enough to create us and place us in a world perfectly designed to maintain life. It is a miracle when you look at animals that are perfectly suited for their environment and who instinctively know how to best provide for their wellbeing. Other miracles are the setting sun, full moon and just the expanse of the sky. Scientists believe there are 122 precise and interdependent environmental constants that must exist to support human life on earth. Astrophysicist, Hugh Ross, has calculated that the probability that all 122 constants would exist on any planet in the universe by chance would be one chance in 10 to the 138th power which is one with 138 zeros after it. Obviously, that is impossible without God being the Creator especially considering that there are only about 10 to the 80th atoms in the visible universe. “For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible” (Colossians 1:16). When we examine the complexity all around us, its impossible not to see God’s handiwork.

Counts Real Estate Group
“How many days have I waited for YOU?”

Nobody wants to admit failure. In a society that bases success on position, money, friends, possessions, status....you never think you will end up in the same position as the Prodigal Son. Sittin’ in a pig pen realizing.....I’ve come to the end of myself! I’d really prefer to talk about my athletic conquest, my master’s degree, or even all the important positions I’ve held as a platform for a testimony.....but that’s not what happened. It’s...

not to say God can’t use people like this; in the big picture I squandered those opportunities, I was too busy enjoying the limelight. If I had used them, I probably would have taken credit for that success; God won’t share the spot light with anyone.

Two words I hear used almost exclusively together....divorce and alcohol dependence. Don’t ask how a “health nut” and drinkin’ go together.....that’s a whole testimony in itself. I want to focus on the day Jesus spoke to me. Sounds crazy, something you would see on a Face Book post or a magazine at the grocery store check out....but it happened. I don’t care what you think.

My ex-wife had not spoken to me is 3 years. I had issues I was working on. I had not had a drink in about 3 years and had worked on sobriety, church, mission trips, choir in church, and teaching a 12 step class at the Rescue Mission. I was the problem so I instituted a sure fire make-over plan...and it was working! The notion hit me to call to see if she wanted to have dinner, so I did. The first miracle was her answering the phone with caller ID and all. I was stunned...she said yes. At this point I must ask you to digress to the days of your very first date with the girl of your dreams for the guys; ladies, think about the Captain of the football team, who also was homecoming King, asking you out. Excited and thrilled do not describe that moment. I set out to really impress her. A plain dinner would not do....a dinner cruise...yeah, that will impress her! Got to have a new set of clothes, washed and waxed my car...twice. Should I bring flowers or candy...both should fix that!

The day arrived. I was early...by an hour. Drove around, washed my car again.....then the time came. I knocked on the door and ....NO ANSWER. Maybe she was still in the shower! Thirty minutes after the appointed time, I called her. She had an emergency arise and had forgotten to call me. After the disappointment subsided....my first thoughts were about me, naturally. I worked hard, cleaned up, changed my life. This was just wrong. Returning to my old ways crossed my mind, but another thought showed up just in time. Pray about this. So with all my disappointment and despair I asked God...why do I deserve this?! At that moment a voice clearer than any Bose system answered. Jesus never wastes words....He cuts to the heart of the matter; it quickens your heart. He said, “How many days have I gotten ready for you and knocked at your door, only to no answer?” I suddenly realized, He’s gotten just as excited about my return to Him...everyday, Jesus had new clothes on for me everyday...for years. If He has a car....He has washed it every day waiting on me. Look up ‘conviction’ in Wikipedia.....my picture was there at that moment.

We were remarried in 2007 on the same day we were married on our first try. I married up, I out punted my coverage with my wife. She is a blessing and a gift. I prayed for God to return her and...He did. You see, my wife spent those 3 years praying for me and growing closer to God. We are two people that think each one of us got the better deal. That’s how God Works, miracles happen, lives are changed, prayers are answered. There are abundant blessings, but there are changes you have to make..

of William B. Price, P.A.
“I figured I had about twenty seconds to live...”

When all seems lost, God will show you the way. It was February, 1995, I was training in the middle of the Mojave Desert. My artillery battalion pulled into our position around midnight and expected a mock attack moments before dawn. So, we started digging fox holes. We used sand bags and built bunkers, and coordinated with the rest of the gun line to interlock our lanes of fire. As dawn approached, my squad was . ...

ready for the attack. Everyone down the heavily armed gun line was ready. And then the order came to open fire.

It was a sight to behold! We had 9mm handguns, M-16 rifles, M-60 machine guns, Mark-19 grenade launchers (basically shooting grenades as fast as a machine gun), 50 caliber machine guns, and 155mm cannons with high explosive rounds being shot right in front of us. We called in air strikes from A-10 Warthogs and had other artillery units dropping explosives right over our heads. It was loud and impressive until one or two of the artillery rounds landed extremely close to our bunker. It rattled the walls of the subterranean fighting position, which began to collapse. There was a Lieutenant and a mechanic in the bunker with me shooting an M-60 machine gun. As the roof of sandbags began to sag I grabbed the Lieutenant and pushed him to the exit. The mechanic was still shooting the machine gun and could not hear what was happening. Before the roof collapsed I pushed back on the roof of the bunker. Fortunately, the gun jammed and the mechanic could finally hear me frantically yelling for him to exit. He got out. But now what? I was stuck. If I let go and tried to exit thousands of pounds of sandbags might fall on me. If I didn’t move, there would be no way to hold up the tonnage that would invariably crush me below the weight. So I prayed, closed my eyes, and jumped toward the bunker exit. As I stretched my body and leaped, the bunker collapsed. The roof fell in and just missed my legs as I lunged to safety. What seemed hopeless was just another funny story from the National Training Center. But as my friends reflect and laugh about it, I recall my prayer and a divine hand delivering me from certain death

of Bubba Hill Auto Plaza, Inc.

Windell Holley
of The Center of Hope
A Miracle A Day? No Way! YES, WAY!!!

Publisher’s Note: When I asked Bubba Hill if he would like to share a miracle with the Cross Reference, he readily agreed. He explained that there was a place at the corner of West Hwy 98 and 17th St. where miracles happened on almost a daily basis. Naturally, Bubba had my attention.

He suggested I call Windell Holley, director of St. Andrew Christian Care Center (SCCC Inc.) located in the Center of Hope building. Windell is someone that I could have listened to all day. I’m pretty sure that every word that came out of his mouth was inspired by God. I won’t be able to get close to how he explained the Center of Hope to me, but with God’s help, maybe you’ll get the idea.”
bobby weaver

At the Center of Hope, we share the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-4) to each and every person that comes to the center. Our motto is “meeting needs and sharing Christ.”

The Center of Hope located at 3101 W Hwy 98 lives up to its name every day...to the world, the word ‘hope” has a lottery flavor; to the believer, it is absolute assurance in both God....

and His Word! The Center of Hope started out in 1998 as a vision for one local church, St. Andrew Baptist. Today, a total of 12 churches across Bay County combine to minister hand and heart each day to spread the gospel, meet basic needs and be “Jesus” giving hope. As we reach out to the less fortunate, unforeseen miracles occur daily. Read below several examples of those miracles: Miracle One: She needed food & clothing but who could concentrate...her husband was missing, he had wandered off due to medical issues. She had looked, called, seeking help everywhere for the past 2 weeks...no luck, no hope. She had come to our COH burdened beyond measure...and found people that cared. Meeting privately with a godly volunteer of faith, she poured out her heart. As they prayed, the God of Hope heard. She left our “prayer closet” with a ting of faith and hope as she made her way to the clothing section. Her cell phone rang; it was her husband! He was safe! God had answered! Miracle Two: Two men entered the COH for last minute help with food and clothes. In just a day or so they were leaving PC for Los Angeles. One began sharing his thoughts with a counselor on Jesus, salvation and how a person could be saved. He had quite a mixture of thoughts not rooted in God’s Word. Then his friend joined in and declared, “I’m demon-possessed!” Unshaken by this brash statement, Hugo (counselor and man of great faith) began to share that Jesus could and would replace those demons with the Holy Spirit IF he so desired. The Holy Spirit fell on the young man in power, conviction and love. The demons had to go, no room for both. As they prayed, the young man cried out, “I see the demons leaving, going right through the roof of this room!” He stood on his feet and began to praise God. His friend who was watching declared, “Whatever just happened to my friend, I want it! He too was gloriously saved. LA would soon have 2 God-changed men! Miracle Three: Bill, one of our most godly counselors, a chaplain of several decades, parked his car and made his way to the COH. Another day to share Jesus with those God had so brought to the Center. As he approached the entrance door, suddenly he fell on his face to the concrete pavement. George, another counselor, rushed to Bill’s aid. Checking, he found no pulse! Starting CPR, someone called 911 and when E-T’s arrived, things did not look good. Using all their expertise, knowledge and training, Bill was quickly placed in the ambulance. Then it happened, Jehovah Rophe, Giver of all life, brought Bill back! Bill now comes every week using a walker to steady his steps and with his strong faith anchored in God alone, still shares a message of healing and hope...giving God all the glory! AND LET’S NOT FORGET THESE MIRACLES: At our pregnancy center, “The Sheltering Tree,” 843 women were ministered to in 2015, 3 known babies were saved from abortion and 14 women prayed to receive Jesus. In Conclusion These stories are not the Center of Hope’s stories, they are God’s stories about his story: Redemption, made possible only through the shed-blood of Jesus Christ. In 2015, 235 such stories of lost Bay Countians led to the COH by a sovereign God prayed to receive Jesus. There is no greater miracle! “Coming to COH for bread, they left with the Bread of Life!” Below are the 12 churches that combine efforts to support the Center Of Hope: Emerald Coast Fellowship, Northstar, Lynn Haven United Methodist, Cornerstone Family Fellowship, First Baptist of Panama City, Woodlawn United Methodist, Woodstock Baptist PCB, Living Spirit Community Church, Youngstown, Northside Baptist, Forest Park United Methodist Church, St. Andrew Baptist Publisher’s Note: We would like to thank Mr. Bubba Hill and Mr Windell Holley for this remarkable story of God’s love and His power

Covenant Presbyterian Church
The Miracle of Creation

Many are looking today for evidence of the supernatural. Consider this: you have about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body, enough to circle the globe twice and then some. The surface area of your lungs is big enough to cover a tennis court. You have 600 muscles and 206 bones, movements all smoothly coordinated by your brain. Stanford professor Stephen Smith points out, “A single human brain has more [synapse] switches than all the computers and...

routers and Internet connections on Earth.” The human eye is a marvel, with more than 2 million working parts. And when sound enters your inner ear, it moves into liquid and the hair cells there discharge chemicals that carry messages to the brain’s auditory nerves. Psalm 139 says, I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Science speaks of two universal laws: the law of conservation and the law of decay. The first law reminds us that the total mass and energy going into something will remain the same, even if the form is changed. This means, therefore, that “something cannot come from nothing.” So our Milky Way Galaxy’s 100 billion stars and our Universe’s 200 billion galaxies didn’t create themselves. The second law reminds us that in this world there is always a loss in any process, such as a loss of heat or information. The usefulness of everything decreases over time. Simply put, this means that this world cannot be eternal or it would have “burned out” long ago. Psalm 19 says, The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims his handiwork! Although the sovereign Lord does what He pleases, you may not ever see in this life an axe head float on water, the Red Sea part or a friend raised from the dead, but God’s supernatural works are all around you. To God be the glory!

PH.D., L.M.H.C.

Just Because...

“JUST BECAUSE things are the way they are, it is not necessarily the way things ought to be.”  I heard Dr. David Mendez say those words while I was working towards my B.A. in ministerial studies at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Having experienced life as a pastor and also as a mental health clinician, I have noticed often that Christians seem to feel as though they should not experience anything like depression or have “issues.” That if they are praying...

as they should or living as they should, they should not need therapy for any reason. DO CHRISTIANS get depressed? Experience trauma or burnout? Have anxiety, compulsive behaviors, marital discord, family dysfunction, and addiction? Yes and more! Christians are not immune to having “issues.” However, we do have hope under the “umbrella” of God’s grace. God’s Grace, plus transition, plus cognitive and behavioral change equals recovery. As a board-certified cognitive behavioral therapist, certified traumatologist, EMDR certified, associate member of American Society for Bariatric Surgery, and board diplomatic clinical sexologist, I am equipped to add tools for change, and with God’s help, bring back significance and purpose to many who have experienced difficulty on life’s journey. My other providers, Dallas Finch, LCSW, Meredith Finch Thurlow, LCSW are trained in EMDR and, as a team we offer individual, marital, and family therapy. Individual sessions are available for general therapeutic growth, and for dealing with specific issues, such as anger management, communication skills, anxiety/panic, and other stressors. 

Finch & Finch Consulting Group, L.L.C. also offers executive coaching services. We offer speaking and workshops to provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships, equipping your team with proper attitudes to develop your team leadership. Dallas Finch, LCSW, Meredith Finch Thurlow, LCSW and Kenneth A. Finch, Ph.D., L.M.H.C. are intentional about adding value to our clients in the context of faith with individual, marital, and family therapy as well as executive coaching and team building.

First Choice Physical Therapy
My Favorite God Story

In 1999, the Physical Therapy market was so saturated that it was very difficult to find a job. I was a new graduate, married, and had a whole lot of money in school loan debt. I tried to make a deal with God stating that I would work for him if he would help me with my financial situation. He said, “You come work for me first and I will take care of the rest!” ...

So I went to Hiland Park Baptist Church and offered my musical services to the youth pastor who told me they do not have any money to pay me. I said it was no charge and that I just wanted to serve. The rest was history. God blessed that youth group and made it flourish. He also blessed me with a job that led me to my own Physical Therapy practice by 2002.

By 2006, God built the First Choice Physical Therapy building and by 2007 we won the Jerry Mills Small Business of the Year Award. The list goes on and on as to the many blessings that God has provided me. I am proud to say that Hiland Park Baptist Church still has a flourishing youth ministry and I have since moved on to the Wreck, a youth ministry program at Emerald Coast Fellowship. With God’s help, we were able to take 20 kids and multiply it to over 200 kids every Wednesday night.

I am humbled by the fact that God continues to use me to further his kingdom through youth ministry. My daughters have since joined the youth band and sing with me on stage every Wednesday night. I have come a long way from being broke and in debt. I can truly say that God continues to bless me every day.

Lynn Haven
United Methodist Church
My Testimony

For it is by God’s grace that you have been saved through faith. It is not the result of your own efforts, but God’s gift, so that no one can boast about it. (Ephesians 2:8-9 GNT)

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian family. At the age of seven I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Throughout my youth, I remained active in a local church as I attended Sunday School, worship services, ....

Bible studies, and other activities. However, my Christian faith never reached a depth where I felt that I had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; it was more ritualistic and “works” oriented.

During my high school and college years, my spiritual life became a series of peaks and valleys. I underwent constant cycles of straying from the church, returning to the church, straying…, returning..., etc. Upon being assigned to Eglin Air Force Base, FL in 1980, I became active in the First United Methodist Church, Fort Walton Beach. It was there my spiritual life took a complete 180 degree turn as people ministered to me and invested their lives in me. I realized that Christianity is more than a religion – it is a personal, one-on-one relationship with Jesus and it is HIS grace, not our works, that saves us. The key turning point in my spiritual journey took place at a retreat held at the Blue Lake Methodist Camp near Andalusia, AL. Through an encounter with God’s Holy Spirit, I finally understood that I was totally incapable of saving myself and my efforts to live according to the Lord’s standards were futile. So I fully surrendered my life to the Lord and was forever changed by God’s love, mercy, and grace.

From that time to the present, I have never looked back in my Christian walk. God has continued to reveal Himself and His will to me, and it is my desire to share His goodness with others. That’s why I answered a call to ministry and have served as a United Methodist pastor for 25+ years. It is an incredible privilege to proclaim the vastness of God’s love and the riches of His grace. I know the gospel is true because I’ve been changed by the Good News of Jesus Christ. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…and I’m seeking to tell others. To God be the glory

Springfield First Baptist Church

What is your “favorite” hymn, or Bible verse? I attempt to identify my “favorite” verse or hymn, but always end up narrowing the “favorite” down to ten or more. The same is true of those miracles we’ve seen or been a part of during our Christian walk. We look back on those “God moments” when He intervened in a special way. That special way may have been completely different than expected, leaving no doubt that it was a God moment. ...

I recall the times I was privileged to stand beside the hospital bed of dying patients. Standing in a circle of love around the patients bed, we’d join hands and sing hymns such as “Amazing Grace.” Gentle touches and softly spoken words of comfort were provided. This pastor, the patient’s family and the nursing staff accepted those times as true God moments. We accepted the fact that death is very much a part of life and it is a graduation for the Christian into glory. One gentleman had struggled and was becoming increasingly frightened and angered. We watched as he gradually accepted that Jesus loved him and was with him. The anxiety and anger was replaced with a peaceful assurance and acceptance. As he grew weaker, his family was touched by the smile he presented. They requested a CD player and Christian music, so it was provided. However, our dear brother, only got into the first verse of the second hymn, “Softly and Tenderly,” sung by Alan Jackson. His sweet wife kissed him as it began and told him that she knew Jesus was calling him home. She assured him that she’d be okay and that she would join him in heaven. It was a “beautiful” God moment which has been repeated many times—God is with us, even at the end of our earthly life and in other difficult times. Cherish those “God Moments.”

Dr. Anne Marie Taylor,
Au.D., CCC-A

of ALPHA Audiology, Inc.

Recently we lost a child, Diego, but it’s actually a cause for celebration. We met Diego, a very young child from El Salvador, and he became the longest member of our World Vision Family. He has now matured from a small toddler to a young man.

World Vision (WV) works best when children and families graduate. WV is not a charity but a work effort program involved in following children and families...

worldwide to get safe living facilities, get in school, learn a trade and become self-sufficient.

For us, it began with an explanation planted in the early 1990s at a Twila Paris concert in Baton Rouge, LA. We’ve been involved with several dozen kids and families who NEEDED and deserved a little help not a hand-out.

During a concert break Anne Marie found profiles of our first two kids. “Ana” and “Marie” blessed us as we were updated with pictures and report cards that were written by the children, translated into English by the WV staff.

Our family, the Taylors, received many notes and thank yous. Contributing families are REALLY the ones blessed by these kids and families.

Sadly, some families got lost in floods where World Vision teams get cut off from villages and must scramble with emergency moves from landslides and water. Third world roads are not priority when food and potable water is needed for survival.

What has impressed us most over the years? When disasters happen, World Vision is already there BEFORE the news crews arrive. Chilean earthquakes, Indian Ocean tsunamis, South American mudslides, etc.

Address: World Vision, P.O. Box 9716 , Federal Way, WA 98063. Call them at P: 1-888-511-6548. Visit: www.worldvision.org.

Wise Spending: Sources indicate that 85% of all monies go directly to WV efforts. Only 10% goes towards fundraising and 5% for management and general expenses. Another great cause: Visit “Smile Train” as it works hard to prompt surgical answers for individuals with cleft palates and mouth abnormalities.

Redemption Lutheran Church
Not Your Basic “Two Sentence” Miracles

This is in response to your card asking me for a “miracle” story. Upon thinking about how to respond, I realized that my wife and I have been delivered from death or serious bodily injury so often that they have become expected and unextraordinary. This is not to say the Lord is not the source of these rescues but they have become part of the fabric of the sanctified life. I have come to see those who are amazed by miracles as perhaps lacking in faith, as if they do not expect the Lord to protect His sheep. ...

Sorry, but the incidents that take more than two sentences to relate are not the flashy kind. On two occasions the Lord delivered my family from financial difficulties in a way that bears the unmistakable shadow of His hand. The first was when I entered seminary, June of 1997 when the Lord gave my wife employment at the public library, a position virtually identical to the one she relinquished so I could drag the family half way across the Pacific Ocean and most of the way across the North American continent. The position should have been filled half a year before but the first candidate who was given the position inexplicably declined and forced Allen County to start the whole process again, and my wife squeaked in as a last minute applicant in the second round and was given the position. The one that probably interest you more occurred here in Bay County. We lived in a rented house in Parker because the house we owned while I was attending seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, had not sold. We had it listed for sale during the whole year I served a vicarage in Michigan and received not a single offer. Neither did we get a single offer during the first year I served as a pastor in Panama City. The rental agent informed us we would have to vacate the rental in Parker because the owner intended to re-occupy the house upon her return from Texas. Here we were stuck with a home that would not sell and were being ejected from the rental residence while still learning how to shepherd a church. Five days later the realty agent in Fort Wayne called to say we received two bids for our house. Immediately upon ending that phone call I turned my face upward and said to the Lord, “You’re showing off.” This is not the typical Lutheran way of expressing thanks to Him; but that’s what I did. (This was immediately followed by a more conventional prayer of thanks; in fact, it began in Latin.)

First Baptist of Lynn Haven
“God’s Voice...Clear As A Bell”

Yes, God has shown up on many occasions in my life! I have a family member who is an addict and through the past several years, I have spent a lot of time crying, praying, crying and praying some more. When a loved one struggles with addiction, there is no bigger of a helpless feeling. On one particular occasion, I was at my wits end, helpless and hopeless. I reached out to God, I remember it very well. I stood in my room and as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I threw ...

my hands up and asked God to just do HIS will in this situation. I was exhausted and so very sad. Within 5 minutes, I received a phone call that my vehicle needed to be picked up and my family member had been arrested. This was a huge sign that God had this, and I needed to increase my Faith. I laid down, took a nap, woke up, stood up and CLEARLY heard God’s voice asking me; “Why don’t you trust me?” I froze in my tracks! I knew what I was hearing, and I resolved to give up the worry, stress and anxiety. I know God loves my son, more than I do ~ Life Changing for me!

First United Methodist Church
“Hey Preacher, I got this… and it’s going to be okay!”

I have discovered that when we step into something new we can experience a wide variety of challenges and also some amazing joys. When I first entered into the ministry I started as an Associate Pastor/Youth Director in Dothan, Alabama. I was not really prepared to experience all that God had to show and teach me in my first years of ministry.

I remember when I was making regular hospital visits...

to a young man that had brain cancer. My heart was very heavy for him because he was married and had two precious children. Day by day he continued to grow weaker and he slowly moved into a coma. I would always, in leaving the hospital room. have prayer for my friend and his family. On one particular day just before he passed away, the family was growing tired and weary and there just was not a lot left to talk about. I turned again to offer a prayer of comfort and surrendered my friend into the hands of Christ. As I said “Amen,” my friend that had been in a coma for about a week turned his head to me and with eyes open shared, “So be it preacher, so be it!” His wife and I were speechless! He then closed his eyes and within the next 24 hours passed away. To a young pastor and to his faithful wife, the presence of Christ became totally real to us in those moments. What a profound assurance came to both of us that this was in deed, a miracle! God had opened the eyes of my friend and confirmed his faith before us. I believe it was God using him to so simply say, “I got this and it is going to be ok!”

of Leake Landscapes
Testimony About My Jail Ministry

I began teaching Sunday School at our church when I first got out of college. Thirty years later I felt the call to reach out beyond our church. I began going on mission trips and knew that God was preparing me for something. The Holy Spirit was equipping me to minister in my own community!

A set of God-led circumstances led me to assist in the Most Excellent Way Ministry at my church, ...

First Baptist of Panama City. Each week I am blessed to facilitate Bible studies at the Bay County Jail, the Northwest Florida Reception Center (prison) and the local detox facility in Springfield. The scripture helps these men seek forgiveness and healing. We try to help them apply God’s Word to their daily lives. The life changing power of the Gospel can impact these men inside and outside of the walls. The power of Scripture can change their lives and the lives of their families. I receive such a blessing from these opportunities...but it is all about serving Jesus.

of Pitts Lawn Service
Eddie Who?

I have been in awe of the Lord all my life and have many God stories. The one I’ll share here is when I felt the Lord leading me to start my own lawn and landscape business.

I had a good job with good pay and good benefits, so I was much in prayer about the change. But still feeling the Lord direct me to turn in a two weeks notice at the company. ...

This was about fifteen years ago and I didn’t even own a cell phone. So first thing was to get a cell phone. I was still working my 2 weeks notice. One day as I got off work early I went to a local lawn equipment business to look at getting started. When my new cell phone rang. It was a nice man who asked for Eddie Pitts and needed me to come take care of his lawn. When I got to his house he showed me a flyer that he received at the hospital where he worked for a lady. The flyer wasn’t mine. It had a name on it the lady wrote Eddie Bitts and the phone number was one number different from mine. I was really needing conformation from the Lord that I was going in the right direction. I had not told anyone that I was going into lawn care so, needless to say, getting this call with one number off, from someone who was looking for lawn care from a guy who’s name was Eddie Bitts not Pitts , but one letter off, was some pretty good confirmation from the Lord that I was going in the right direction.

Medical / Physician
40 Years On The Second Pew in His Church?

We hear the phrase the miracle of life but also there is the miracle of death. I can’t explain how life begins and it is just as much a mystery to me how the physical death occurs. The hand of God is in both. As a kidney specialist who takes care of dialysis patients, and lots of mostly elderly people who have chronic kidney failure plus multiple other medical illnesses, I have witnessed many of my patients die over the course of my 26 years of practice; saved and unsaved. I will never...

forget to my dismay the man who was dying from liver failure after a lifetime of alcoholism who when I asked him what would happen to him once he died, he replied to me he would be reincarnated! He told me he sat on the second pew of his church for 40 years!

Daily I am reminded that one day I will be the helpless one who needs attention but please I pray that there will still be a kind Christian MD who will do the most important part of his busy rushed day and pray for me!

“The person who is born once (the unsaved) experiences two deaths (physical and spiritual), but the person who is born twice (born again!) experiences one death.

I know that in all illness, all healing only comes from God the Father. Man cannot so much as heal a paper cut without the gift of life! But we must remember that even Lazarus was healed only to die another physical death later. The miracle of God is the instantaneous healing of our soul for eternity the moment He saves us! And what gift is more important than the gift of eternal life? And why does he save us? This is the mystery which for which there is only one answer..He loves us because He loves us because He loves us! For God so loved us that He gave His only Son. That whoever believes in Him shall NOT DIE BUT LIVE FOREVER!

of Tim Allen Photography
When I was asked to write either about my testimony and walk with God, OR a miracle, I could only think that life is full of everyday miracles. The biggest miracle in my life came when I was just 9 years old. I grew up in church and my precious Mom & Dad had always shared how Jesus loves us so much that He gave His life on a cross for us, then was resurrected. The Holy Spirit began to show me that I was a sinner and not worthy of God, but that Jesus died to make me worthy. A new joy and purpose came to my life as I believed and...

received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and God forgave my sins. Plus, I was born again and got a new home in heaven! Later, I remember praying many nights in a field looking up at the stars and wondering how the God of this magnificent creation cared for even me.

At the age of 12 I found myself in turmoil seeking answers from God. I was a paper boy praying while stopped on my bike at the top of a hill when suddenly a pigeon came out of nowhere and landed on my shoulder. As I looked at him in surprise he looked at me as if to say he was supposed to be there. I knew instantly that God the Holy Spirit was with me as I remembered the dove coming to Jesus. As he flew away the peace of God fell upon me and the turmoil vanished. I know that this was just another everyday miracle which happened only once in my life at just the right time. God is so awesome!

“I knew instantly that God the Holy Spirit was with me...”

People always want to hear about a huge supernatural miracle, and I would love to tell you that I experienced such a powerful miracle when my brother Jeff jumped off his deathbed at age 20 as we prayed, but that did not happen. Instead, God’s answer to our prayers was “no” and my young brother went to be with Jesus. He had his miracle as did the hundreds of shocked Mosley High students who came to his funeral and heard the gospel about why my brother was now in heaven. I wonder how many of them experienced a miracle that day as they considered their own mortality. Was it also a miracle that my Dad witnessed my brother speaking to someone above him on his hospital bed when nobody was in the room as if discussing what was to come? Was it a personal miracle when his softball coach told this broken hearted young man that my brother now has the answers while we are still asking the questions and the peace of God again fell upon me? How about when God’s grace and comfort pulled my family through the pain of losing him without losing faith, and gave us the peace to accept that we may never know the “why” in this life?

Yes, they are all miracles and I could tell you of many more of finance, of healing, of mercy and protection. In fact, it is an everyday miracle that we even wake up each morning and live and breathe. From the millions of stars in the sky to the baby’s first cry - truly our world is full of everyday miracles - but the greatest of these is love. God so loved us all that He gave His only Son to die, so we may live the miracle of eternal life with Him by simply believing and receiving forgiveness. Thank God for His everyday miracles...

High Praise Worship Center
And the doctor said, “We don’t know what happened!”... but we bet our readers do!

I was blessed to be raised in a home where on the rare occasion that someone was sick, our first resort was to pray the prayer of faith and believe for a miracle. As a young boy I witnessed people get out of wheelchairs and walk. I have come to personally believe that miracles should be common for Christians. ...

A recent miracle I witnessed happened within one of our services. During our time of worship, I received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit concerning God healing and restoring the cartilage in the knee. I asked the congregation if there was someone who had this issue in the knee. A young man within our congregation raised his hand. People then gathered around him and began to pray for him.

His parents later told me that he had an incurable condition where the cartilage in his knee had disintegrated and was nothing more than a very thin layer. It was causing him pain and the inability to participate in sports activities. The doctors had told them that it was impossible for the cartilage to regenerate and he would probably be in a wheelchair before he was thirty years old.

The following week, this young man had a doctor’s appointment to reexamine his knee. The young man was excited and kept telling his mother, “God healed me.” His mother waited while the doctors examined his knee and conducted an MRI. She began noticing that it was taking longer than usual. Finally the doctor reappeared and asked that she come back to the examination room. He showed her the MRI and began to report to her, “We don’t know what has happened.” He continued by telling her that the cartilage in her son’s knee had been totally restored and there would be no need for surgery or for her son to see them again. PRAISE GOD! He is the miracle worker!


of Parker United
Methodist Church
Who? Me?

An active teenager in church, I had never given thought to entering the ministry. A Week after my high school graduation in 1973, I attended a “Youth Revival” with our church group. That night the guest evangelist spoke about what we “young people” would do with our lives. I remember going forward and asking for prayer. Shocked as I was to hear it, I knew that God was calling me to enter into full-time ministry. Guess what? I didn’t want to do it, so I didn’t. I ran away from that calling and avoided doing anything very spiritual for a number of years. ...

God blessed me anyway with a good paying job at the Postal Service, a great marriage, and 2 healthy kids. Later, when I got involved in my local church and recommitted my life to Christ, God started calling me again. I realized that things I was doing to find fulfillment in life were making me miserable because I was not in the center of God’s will for my life. In 1995, I reluctantly went on a Mission Trip to Mexico. The whole time there, God kept whispering that he was still calling me to ministry after 22 years of running away. At home, I told my wife what had happened and she said, “What took you so long? I recognized your calling many years ago.”

We started life over in 1996 by quitting our jobs, selling our home, and moving to another state for me to attend College and then Seminary. Now, after having served 13 years as a pastor, I know that God “allowed” me to run from Him those years for a reason. He knew I was not quite ready to serve Him yet. In seminary, I felt guilty for wasting years I could have been serving my Lord, but God has since affirmed that my life experiences during those years of “testing” has made me more compassionate to peoples’ needs, and more ready to serve God’s purposes not my own. I, for one, am proud that “the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29), and that God equips and uses those whom He calls in His timing

First Baptist Church
of Lynn Haven
My Testimony

I grew up on a farm in rural south Alabama in a very dedicated Christian home. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were all Christians and went to church on a regular basis. Without fail I was in church and Sunday School every Sunday. I was taught the Bible from a very early age and the Christian faith was modeled before me in a very positive way. Growing up in a small town school all my teachers were active in a local church. I was immersed from birth in a very definite Christian culture! ...

Every second Sunday in August we had Homecoming at my little country church followed by a weeklong revival. I attended those revivals all of my life, it was just what we did. But one summer was different. When I attended those revival services the Holy Spirit began to convict me that I was a sinner and that I needed to repent of my sin and give my heart to Jesus. For that whole week I was miserable and could not sleep. But each night when the invitation was given I rejected God’s invitation and remained in my pew. When Friday night came I knew that I could not let this opportunity pass. So during the invitation, while the congregation was singing ‘Whiter Than Snow,’ I came forward, knelt at the altar and gave my heart to Jesus. Through that experience God called me into His ministry and I have been a pastor for over thirty years.

There have been times when I thought my testimony was boring because I do not have a testimony of deliverance from some overt sin. I wondered how God could use a story about a guy who had lived most of his life for the Lord. One day God convicted me that my testimony is the way God wants life to be! A life from beginning to end dedicated to the Lord

Certified Public Accountant
Building the Kingdom One Person at a Time

I have had the privilege and honor to work with many Godly men in my life. One particular man that I became friends with was Henry Pulsifer. Henry was a missionary that preached the gospel as he walked with a cross.

The first trip that I made with Henry was to Bombay India (Mumbai) sharing the gospel with the untouchables in the slums. ...

The biggest slum that we visited had over 1 million people in an area of less than a square mile, the most populated in the world. What a contrast the poorest people in the world being touched by the Glory of God Himself –when they heard who we were, they flocked to have us pray for them.

The second trip that we made was to Tanzania, Africa not to soon after the bombing of the U.S. Embassy. We worked with a missionary that had been in Africa for over a year –Steve Grey. In Dar-as-Salem we each preached in a Church, gave a seminar for three days to teach pastors, and walked with a cross around the capital buildings as we prayed for the nation. After loading up a four-wheeler Jeep we went to the bush, to share the message of Jesus Christ to tribes that never had heard his name. After spending a week at four different villages along the Rufiji river one hundred and sixty people came to the LORD and many were baptized in the crocodile filled river.

The story of Gods work did not stop here but continued in the other side of the Africa continent, and many other countries. Being in the will of the LORD never has its ends but it is a continuous journey.

“We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus” Col.1:3,4a

Heritage Bible Church

“Pastor, please pray for healing for my grandmother,” Mark requested at a Sunday evening service. “Tomorrow she is scheduled to have some toes removed because they are turning black.” Mark’s grandmother had poor circulation to her feet brought on by diabetes.

“Mark,” I responded. “Ask God to give you a rhema and then we’ll talk.” (Logos is used in the Greek New Testament...

to refer to the written word, the Bible, or to the Living Word, Christ. Rhema, on the other hand, means “spoken word.” Romans 10:17 states, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the spoken word (rhema) of God.” I knew that if God gave Mark a rhema about healing, I could pray in faith that He would heal his grandmother.

After church I asked Mark if God had given him a rhema. He told me, “Yes,” and shared with me a portion from James 5:16, “Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another so that you may be healed.” Then Mark said, “I like the last part about healing but I don’t like the first part about confessing. I told him that if he expected God to do the last part, he would have to do the first part.

Mark then confessed some sins. When he finished, I then asked God to heal his grandmother’s toes. She did not have surgery the next day because she ate the breakfast that was mistakenly brought to her. The following day the surgeon and his assistant came into her room to talk about rescheduling the surgery. When they examined her toes, they were turning pink! Eighteen months later, God took Mark’s grandmother Home to be with Him. But she still had all ten toes. .

Inner Space of Bay County
Miracle of Giving

It was my first year in the shelving business and I had plenty of inventory but few customers, no operating capital, and no advertising budget other than word of mouth and phone listing in the white pages. I was getting to the point of having to look for a job when the phone rang. The person calling was currently building a new house for the Taunton Family Children’s Home to accommodate their needs as their adoptive family continued to grow both in age and in size. ...

The builder was asking for assistance with closet and storage shelving. Immediately I was convicted that not only was I to help but I was to take care of mirror and bath accessory needs also. When I met Abigail and Judge Taunton and experienced how the Lord was working through them I was convinced to follow through with extravagant generosity from that day forward. Besides that, I was keenly aware I could not eat my inventory, so why not give it to an amazing cause! Within the next few days I took care of the closets and baths. At the end of each day I was invited to join one of the families for supper. Unbeknownst to them they were feeding me both physically and spiritually at a time when my needs were known only to God.

So now for the rest of the story …. The following week my phone began to ring….. and it was customers, both home owners and home builders. For the next three months I was booked continually with work. That was twenty-three years ago and even though I have failed God numerous times God has never failed me or you!

Everything I have I have to credit to God. So, remember you cannot out give the Giver of all Eternity.


Wife of Heritage Bible
Church’s Associate Pastor

“We are wasting our time,” I told Brian again. “I am not interested in a long-term relationship with a man who does not believe in Jesus.” In the fall of 2004, I started attending the Florida Institute of Technology, majoring in Forensic Psychology. In January, 2005, I met Brian Rice at a birthday party of a mutual friend. He was a meteorology major but was also a confirmed atheist. I was not interested in him at that time but he was interested in me. ...

We met again in August of 2005 and dated periodically. Since I went to church and attended a regular Bible study and prayer gathering of Christian friends, Brian came too. He tolerated my faith and listened to our stories but didn’t think there was a God -- until he learned about a miracle.

I grew up in Manassas, Virginia. In the summer of 2000, when I was 14 years old, about 30 adults and youth from our church went on a summer missions trip to the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico for 1 ½ weeks. We built a storeroom, conducted a VBS, and did some door-to-door evangelism. On the final evening we had a big tent revival. At the close of the service a frail, arthritic old lady was pushed down the aisle in a wheelchair. She was anointed with oil and the group prayed for her healing. Suddenly, she stood up and started dancing down the aisle, praising Jesus for healing her.

Brian was puzzled. He knew I didn’t lie. If what I said was true, maybe there was a God. He started getting interested in church. In January, 2006, He trusted Jesus as his Savior. One miracle had led to another! This second miracle led to a wedding in December, 2006.

We weren’t wasting our time, after all.

Pool Construction,
Renovation & Repairs
“So What Do I Do About Mama?”

One of my many God stories was when I was forced to make the decision to no longer care for my mother in our home, My Mother had dementia and had become too unmanageable for me and my family. I found a very nice assisted care facility and for weeks had begun decorating the apartment for my mother to look just like her home. In the weeks preceding her move-in date I would take her with me as we decorated and hung pictures, each time we went she became...

agitated and verbally abusive about the move causing me to regret the idea and feel inadequate as a caretaker and a failure as a son. The move-in day was scheduled for a Thursday after noon and I was not looking forward to the verbal assault we were about to get that afternoon. During my Thursday morning men’s Bible study they all knew my level of anxiety and doubt that this was truly the right decision. So that morning as we got ready to adjourn the study the men stood up held hands in a circle and began to pray for God to appear and be with us that afternoon when we moved Mom into her new residence.

That afternoon I picked Mom up and headed to the dreaded appointment, I knew what to expect since I had experienced it for the previous three week. I rang the doorbell and we walked in towards her apartment when she exclaimed in a loud and pleasant voice “Look how pretty this place is, I think your Dad would have loved it here, it’s beautiful!” We walked to her apartment where she went in and with a joyful smile looked around and said “I’m going to love it here!” The staff and my family were shocked and could not believe how happy she had become in an instant. They all cried and smiled and gave thanks to the Lord because he had done a mighty work. My mother lived there for 3 years with her little dog and was happier than she had been in quite some time. She passed away from the disease in 2009 and to this day I cannot drive past there without remembering the circle of men that prayed for God to appear...and he did in a mighty way. God Bless you, George

Freelance Graphic Artist
Take the Wheel...

On a Friday afternoon in March of 2006, my mom and I headed out to the beach. But first, we had to get a tire replaced. Money was tight and a used tire was all I could afford. We stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall used tire place and got the tire replaced. Then, we were on our way to the beach.

Anyone local knows that a Friday afternoon in March (think, Spring Break) on highway 98 is BUSY. ...

As we were driving west on 98, a car pulled out right in front of me. I should have t-boned that car....but, God had the wheel...literally. I saw my hands moving all over the steering wheel, but I was not making my hands move. According to my mom, I kept repeating, “I’m not driving! I’m not driving!” as we spun 5 times across the turning lane, both westbound lanes and back across all 5 lanes and came to a stop in a motel parking lot. No car touched another car! I’m not completely sure how many times we spun, as I was mesmerized watching my hands moving all over the steering wheel. A man even came running out of the motel yelling “That was some awesome driving!” I was able to witness to him that God had control, not me.

I should have been shaking to pieces (as well as my mom), however, we were both as calm as could be and were able to continue on and enjoy our afternoon together.

Later that day, I found out two interesting things. 1.) The “new” used tire was not properly inflated...I think God knew what he was doing, that was a lot of spinning! 2.) That morning my brother-in-law 800 miles away had felt the need to intercede for a horrific car accident. I’m so glad he listened!