Close To My Heart

Local pastors and others tell us what’s “Close To My Heart”
  • Two Umbrellas
    Dr. John C. Friedman
    Pastor, Forest Park United Methodist Church
    In his book, What About Tomorrow?, Dr. J. Wallace Hamilton, tells a story about a Baptist minister, Dr. Gordon Torgerson, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean one summer. Dr. Torgerson noticed a man sitting in a deck chair reading the Bible. He sat down beside…
  • Most people do not know that they are dysfunctional.
    Dallas Finch, L.C.S.W & Meredith Finch Thurlow, L.C.S.W.
    Finch & Finch Consulting Group, LLC
    Most people do not know that they are dysfunctional. The reality is we are all uniquely and wonderfully made with our own quirks and defense mechanisms. The very thinking styles, behavioral and instinctual responses that are used for safety all too often keep us stuck in…

My Favorite Stories

Local pastors tell us their “Favorite Stories”
  • Hair Dryer
    Craig Carter, Pastor
    Lynn Haven United Methodist Church
    The psalmist says, “Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere him.” (Psalm 33:8) The “fear of the Lord” seems to have fallen on hard times in the modern world. It sounds a bit harsh as we prefer to view God in loving, compassionate ways. But the two ...
  • Thanks, Mother Goose
    F. Nolan Ball, Apostle
    The Rock of Panama City
    In July 1960, Shirley and I and our four children moved to Talladega, Alabama where we had been invited to pastor the small group there who comprised First Assembly of God. We spent six years there, coming to love those people and the little white wooden building on North Court Street very much. Our time ...

Testimony/God Stories

Local pastors and business men and women tell us their “Testimony/God Stories”
  • All Ten Toes
    Henry Hazard, Pastor
    Heritage Bible Church
    “Pastor, please pray for healing for my grandmother,” Mark requested at a Sunday evening service. “Tomorrow she is scheduled to have some toes removed because they are turning black.” Mark’s grandmother had poor circulation to her feet brought on by diabetes. …
  • Testimony About My Jail Ministry
    Ronnie Leake
    Leake Landscapes
    I began teaching Sunday School at our church when I first got out of college. Thirty years later I felt the call to reach out beyond our church. I began going on mission trips and knew that God was preparing me for something. The Holy Spirit was equipping me to minister in my own community! ...

Difficult Questions Answered

Local pastors and business men and women answer “Difficult Questions”

Last Sermons

Local pastors answer “If this was the very last sermon I would ever preach…”
  • The Cross is NOT Enough
    Tom Fuerst, Former Campus Pastor
    Fusion / Lynn Haven United Methodist
    My story began five years ago when death pierced my soul like a cursed knife; I suffered no physical harm, but I felt mortally wounded nonetheless. Before Dad died, death was an abstraction, something that happens to other people. But I realized when Dad died that none of us can escape death. …
  • Grace for the Race
    Dr. Johnny Hunt
    Woodstock Church/PCB
    Hebrews 12 is referred to as the “Race of Life.” It reminds me of the fact that there was a day in my life that the race began (salvation) and today the race continues (sanctification), and one day this race will end (glorification). John Newton penned this in the 1700’…