Close To My Heart

Local pastors and others tell us what’s “Close To My Heart”
  • Two Umbrellas
    Dr. John C. Friedman
    Pastor, Forest Park United Methodist Church
    Two UmbrellasIn his book, What About Tomorrow?, Dr. J. Wallace Hamilton, tells a story about a Baptist minister, Dr. Gordon Torgerson, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean one summer. Dr. Torgerson noticed a man sitting in a deck chair reading the Bible. He sat down beside…
  • Safe at Home
    Rev. Craig Carter
    Pastor, Lynn Haven United Methodist Church
    Safe at HomeFormer major league baseball player, Al Gallagher, once said: “There are three things in my life which I really love: God, family, and baseball. The only problem is, once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit.”  While I hope that is not entirely correct, it is not far from the truth for me as ...

My Favorite Stories

Local pastors tell us their “Favorite Stories”
  • One Incredible Story!
    Dr. Michael Claunch, Pastor
    St. Andrew Baptist Church
    One Incredible Story!I was pastoring First Baptist Church, Slidell, LA when Hurricane Katrina devastated our city. Every building of our church was inundated. With a certainty of divine direction, the staff and I concluded that God wanted us to minister to the hurting people of our community even while we rebuilt our own facilities. We decided we ...
  • How Was He to Know?
    Henry Hazard, Pastor
    Heritage Bible Church
    How Was He to Know?Henry S. served in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II with the U.S. Navy. He was part of the crew unloading the USS Mt. Hood, an ammunition ship, when it was struck by a kamikaze plane. In the explosion that followed, Henry sustained severe injuries to his back and legs which ultimately ...

Testimony/God Stories

Local pastors and business men and women tell us their “Testimony/God Stories”
  • Building the Kingdom One Person at a Time
    Randy McInvale
    Randy McInvale
    Certified Public Accountant
    Building the Kingdom One Person at a TimeI have had the privilege and honor to work with many Godly men in my life. One particular man that I became friends with was Henry Pulsifer. Henry was a missionary that preached the gospel as he walked with a cross. The first trip that I made with Henry was to Bombay India (Mumbai)…
  • So What Do I Do About Mama?
    George Stewart
    George Stewart
    Pool Construction, Renovation & Repairs
    So What Do I Do About Mama?One of my many God stories was when I was forced to make the decision to no longer care for my mother in our home, My Mother had dementia and had become too unmanageable for me and my family. I found a very nice assisted care facility and for weeks had begun decorating the apartment ...

Difficult Questions Answered

Local pastors and business men and women answer “Difficult Questions”

Last Sermons

Local pastors answer “If this was the very last sermon I would ever preach…”
  • What will happen to your soul when you die?
    Rev. Fr. Wesley Tetsuji Kan, Pastor
    Redemption Lutheran Church
    What will happen to your soul when you die?I must confess: what follows does not heed the given instructions. It is supposed to be different from the hundreds I’ve delivered in the past but Lutheran pastors are taught to preach every sermon as if it is his last. Perhaps the question should be, “what sermon would you preach if it is…
  • God’s Last Invitation
    Dr. Craig Conner, Senior Pastor
    Dr. Craig Conner, Senior Pastor
    First Baptist ChurchGod’s
    God’s Last InvitationIf this were the last sermon that I would ever preach I would preach on the subject, “God’s last invitation.” My text would be Revelation 22:13-21; the last passage in the Bible that contains God’s last invitation to humanity to come to Christ that they might be forgiven of their sin and saved by the ...