Close To My Heart

Local pastors and others tell us what’s “Close To My Heart”
  • So You Want to Commit Suicide
    Jeff Scalf
    Lead Pastor, St. Andrew Assembly of God
    So You Want to Commit Suicide
    When the fear of giving up is overwhelmed by the stress and pain of the current, well, what do you do? When you feel closed off, boxed in and utterly alone. When you are talking to others, trying to cry out in the midst of your sentences but none are attuned to your pain, what ...
  • God is Not A Feather
    Cory D. Colravy
    Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA)
    God is Not A Feather
    Pollsters ask Americans, “Do you believe in God?” 80% to 90% say, “Yes.” But David Wells observed, “Those who assure the pollsters of their belief in God’s existence may nonetheless consider him less interesting than television, his commands less authoritative than their appetites for affluence and influence, his judgment no more awe-inspiring than the evening ...

My Favorite Stories

Local pastors tell us their “Favorite Stories”
  • God, Missionaries & The Paper Mill Smell
    Billy Melvin
    Calvary Christian Baptist Church
    God, Missionaries & The Paper Mill Smell
    The story I am about to share is so amazing because when I look back I see the foreknowledge and the Devine providence of God. My father, like my grandfather, worked for the international paper company in Millville, FL or as the old timers call it Bay Harbor. My grandparents…
  • Know Vision
    Dr. Bruce Barton, Pastor
    Central Baptist Church
    Know Vision
    Some have no vision. They are negative, pessimistic folks who tell you why it can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. They often think of themselves as “realistic”, but God wants to take us far beyond reality and the natural to the supernatural! …

Testimony/God Stories

Local pastors and business men and women tell us their “Testimony/God Stories”
  • My Favorite God Story
    Dr. Wade Rinehart
    First Choice Physical Therapy
    My Favorite God Story
    In 1999, the Physical Therapy market was so saturated that it was very difficult to find a job. I was a new graduate, married, and had a whole lot of money in school loan debt. I tried to make a deal with God stating that I would work for him if he would help me ...
  • I knew instantly that God the Holy Spirit was with me…
    Tim Allen
    Tim Allen Photography
    I knew instantly that God the Holy Spirit was with me...
    When I was asked to write either about my testimony and walk with God, OR a miracle, I could only think that life is full of everyday miracles. The biggest miracle in my life came when I was just 9 years old. I grew up in church and my precious Mom & Dad had always ...

Difficult Questions Answered

Local pastors and business men and women answer “Difficult Questions”

Last Sermons

Local pastors answer “If this was the very last sermon I would ever preach…”
  • Love One Another
    Dr. Steve Taylor
    Dr. Steve Taylor
    Emerald Coast Fellowship
    Love One Another
    The most important message in the Bible is the story of God’s love for humanity. Jesus was the picture of that love as He gave His sinless life to pay the penalty for our sins and purchase for us a place in heaven. However, this is not a new concept for those reading a publication ...
  • To Whom It May Concern
    Cole Bailey, Pastor
    Lighthouse Church
    To Whom It May Concern
    It is not by coincidence or chance this letter has found its way into your hands. It has found its way to you so that you can learn a truth that will change your life forever! Like you, there was a time in my life when I was searching for truth, not what everyone around ...