Close To My Heart

Local pastors and others tell us what’s “Close To My Heart”
  • Things I May Say When Witnessing To An Atheist
    Henry Hazard
    Pastor, Heritage Bible Church
    Things I May Say When Witnessing To An AtheistOnce some declared himself to be an atheist, I would probably try to engage him/her in a conversation to help me understand why he/she is an atheist. The conversation might go something like this: “I am sure there is a reason you consider yourself to be an atheist. Would you mind sharing that with me? Following ...
  • The Value of Old School
    Dr. Bruce Barton
    Pastor, Central Baptist Church
    The Value of Old School“Old School” is a phrase that points back to a time when some things just seemed to be better. Some old school cars continue to be appreciated because of their beauty, dependability, and capability. Old school music is often appreciated due to guitar solos and vocal harmony without layered, studio reverb, and Auto-Tune ...

My Favorite Stories

Local pastors tell us their “Favorite Stories”
  • A Lesson in Humility
    Dr. John C. Friedman, Pastor
    Forest Park United Methodist Church
    A Lesson in HumilityDr. Tony Campolo tells about an experience in humility during his seminary days. Tony had to take a preaching course under Dr. Albert Williams. Dr. Williams required each student to prepare and deliver a sermon. The professor and the rest of the class would evaluate each student’s sermon. Tony, who is a very gifted writer ...
  • A Valuable Lesson From The Moon & Stars
    William & Donna Pfeffer, Pastors
    The Tabernacle
    A Valuable Lesson From The Moon & StarsWhen I was a young boy I loved to lay outside a gaze at the moon and stars. I was fascinated by the movement of them and longed to get a closure look. When I was older I had the opportunity to purchase a telescope. I soon discovered that in order for the me to ...

Testimony/God Stories

Local pastors and business men and women tell us their “Testimony/God Stories”
  • My Testimony
    Tom Daniel, Pastor
    Tom Daniel, Pastor
    First Baptist Church of Lynn Haven
    My TestimonyI grew up on a farm in rural south Alabama in a very dedicated Christian home. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were all Christians and went to church on a regular basis. Without fail I was in church and Sunday School every Sunday. I was taught the Bible from a very early age ...
  • A Miracle A Day? No Way! YES, WAY!!!
    Bubb Hill
    Bubb Hill
    Bubba Hill Auto Plaza, Inc.
    A Miracle A Day? No Way! YES, WAY!!!Publisher’s Note: When I asked Bubba Hill if he would like to share a miracle with the Cross Reference, he readily agreed. He explained that there was a place at the corner of West Hwy 98 and 17th St. where miracles happened on almost a daily basis. Naturally, Bubba had my attention. …

Difficult Questions Answered

Local pastors and business men and women answer “Difficult Questions”

Last Sermons

Local pastors answer “If this was the very last sermon I would ever preach…”
  • The Way Back Jonah 3:1-10
    Mike Claunch, Pastor
    St. Andrew Baptist Church
    The Way Back Jonah 3:1-10Jonah had gone a long way from God: He left the will and presence of God, traveled across the Mediterranean, went to the bottom of the sea, and rode who knows how far in the belly of a whale. But our text tells us that our reluctant prophet found the way back. The people of ...
  • The Roman Road
    Joe Lay, Senior Pastor
    Woodlawn United Methodist Church
    The Roman RoadWhen I was in Seminary, a professor shared with me a set of scriptures in the Book of Romans, which is referred to as “The Roman Road.” First, we are Recognized By Sin. Romans 3:10 says, “As the scriptures say, ‘No one is good – no one in all the world is innocent.’” And Romans 3:23 says, ...