Close To My Heart

Local pastors and others tell us what’s “Close To My Heart”
  • Stop Going to Church
    Jack Stanley
    Pastor, Parker United Methodist
    Stop Going to ChurchThat’s right. I said it.  What!?   A pastor telling me to stop going to church? Yep, you guessed it.  If there was anything our Lord would not have wanted of us, it is to GO to church. Have I got your attention now?  That’s right.  We Christians get all…
  • Two Umbrellas
    Dr. John C. Friedman
    Pastor, Forest Park United Methodist Church
    Two UmbrellasIn his book, What About Tomorrow?, Dr. J. Wallace Hamilton, tells a story about a Baptist minister, Dr. Gordon Torgerson, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean one summer. Dr. Torgerson noticed a man sitting in a deck chair reading the Bible. He sat down beside…

My Favorite Stories

Local pastors tell us their “Favorite Stories”
  • Open My Eyes, Lord
    Tom Daniel, Pastor
    First Baptist Church of Lynn Haven
    Open My Eyes, LordOne of my favorite stories comes from the Bible in the book of Second Kings. The prophet Elisha had been a thorn in the flesh of the nation of Aram and they devised a plot to take his life. They gathered a great Army with horses and chariots and went by night and surrounded the ...
  • Norman Jackson Can’t Stand Us And We Can’t Stand Him!
    Luther Stanford, Pastor
    City Church at Northside
    Norman Jackson Can’t Stand Us And We Can’t Stand Him!I was 22 years old and pastoring my first church in a rural farming community in the backwoods of Louisiana. I knew one of the first things I had to do was get to know the people, so I solicited a couple of ladies in the church to walk me through the church directory and ...

Testimony/God Stories

Local pastors and business men and women tell us their “Testimony/God Stories”
  • Eddie Who?
    Eddie Pitts
    Eddie Pitts
    Pitts Lawn Service
    Eddie Who?I have been in awe of the Lord all my life and have many God stories. The one I’ll share here is when I felt the Lord leading me to start my own lawn and landscape business. I had a good job with good pay and good benefits, so I was much in…
  • Take the Wheel
    Tosha Manke
    Tosha Manke
    Freelance Graphic Artist
    Take the WheelOn a Friday afternoon in March of 2006, my mom and I headed out to the beach. But first, we had to get a tire replaced. Money was tight and a used tire was all I could afford. We stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall used tire place and got the tire replaced. Then, we were ...

Difficult Questions Answered

Local pastors and business men and women answer “Difficult Questions”

Last Sermons

Local pastors answer “If this was the very last sermon I would ever preach…”
  • What will happen to your soul when you die?
    Rev. Fr. Wesley Tetsuji Kan, Pastor
    Redemption Lutheran Church
    What will happen to your soul when you die?I must confess: what follows does not heed the given instructions. It is supposed to be different from the hundreds I’ve delivered in the past but Lutheran pastors are taught to preach every sermon as if it is his last. Perhaps the question should be, “what sermon would you preach if it is…
  • Grace and the Ten Commandments
    Robert Gay, Pastor
    High Praise Worship Center
    Grace and the Ten CommandmentsSeveral years ago, the Lord began to speak to my heart concerning Grace and the Ten Commandments. I must admit regrettably that I had never focused much attention on these commandments. To be transparent with you, they just seemed a little boring and non-exciting. After all, who wants to spend…