Definition of Faith

    Definition of Faith
    Wade Rinehart

    Dr. Wade Rinehart

    Owner of First Choice Physical Therapy

    Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

    Everyone talks a big game about having faith, but when we are asked to put our faith to the test, it becomes very up close and personal. I had such a moment last spring break while on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with my family. I wanted to show them just how lucky we are to live in a free country with running water and all the creature comforts one could want. Our mission was to spend five days helping to build a community shower and bathroom as well as give out water filters to help those in Juan Bosch, D.R. have better access to clean water. The project was hard work, and everyone chipped in to make the project successful.

    With the bathroom complete we moved on to the water filters which required us to go door to door. We pulled up to the first neighborhood with an interpreter in tow, gung-ho about giving these people some Jesus in the form of water filters. Me, being the fearless leader that I am, wanted to show my girls how it was done. So, we go to the first house where I commenced to tell them how to install the filter onto the 5-gallon bucket and how to use it. Everything went well up until the point when they asked me to fill the bucket up and take a drink from the filter.

    The interpreter went to a nearby ditch-yes, I said ditch-to scoop up some water to be filtered. I have to tell you that the water was not your typical dirty. It was a greyish, unholy mixture of I don’t know what, that gave me a reflexive gut cramp just looking at it. I remember having a conversation in my head with Jesus reminding him that I was doing this for the kingdom and that the filter better work, as my hand began to shake while turning the spigot on the filter to fill the cup. I have to confess that as the water poured out of the filter, it was so clear and clean, but I threw the first pour out anyway. I poured another and asked the people if they would like to take a drink and it was a unanimous and resounding NO!

    At this point, I had the Dominicans, my family and God himself watching me, so there was no backing out now. I lifted the cup to my quivering lip and took the smallest sip as if to test the water for any bacteria that may still be present. Much to my surprise, the water was good, and in the little Spanish that I know and with a surprised look on my face I yelled “Bueno!” Everyone laughed and wanted to try the water too.

    I went on to tell them about how the filter was much like Jesus who takes our dirty, sinful lives and cleanses it, making us whole again. I learned that faith is only faith when it is put to the test…and that those water filters really do a great job!

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