Grace and the Ten Commandments

    Grace and the Ten Commandments
    Robert Gay

    Robert Gay, Pastor

    High Praise Worship Center

    Several years ago, the Lord began to speak to my heart concerning Grace and the Ten Commandments. I must admit regrettably that I had never focused much attention on these commandments. To be transparent with you, they just seemed a little boring and non-exciting. After all, who wants to spend their time ministering a message of “don’t do this” and “don’t do that?”

    Think about this: God could have commanded His people anything that He so desired. However, there were only ten specific directives that God gave to His people on the tablets of stone that He originally transcribed. It seems to me that if God would take time to engrave these edicts on tablets of stone, then we should place great importance upon them. If these were the ten most important things that God wanted His people to understand, then we certainly should hold them in high esteem.

    I believe that in every one of these important commands we can see the heart of the Father God. Every one of them is an expression of His heart and love for us. None of them are meant to make our lives difficult. They are there to keep us from difficulty. For instance; remaining faithful to your spouse does not make your life difficult, it keeps you from difficulty and disaster.

    Unfortunately, there are some people who have used the word “grace” to disavow the Ten Commandments. Some have said that these ten directives from the Lord are no longer relevant for those who are in the New Covenant. Some have gone so far as to say that the preaching and teaching of the Ten Commandments is bondage.

    The reality is that Grace and the Ten Commandments are not antagonistic or at odds with each other. They are actually in perfect agreement. Jesus taught the Ten Commandments. Paul rearticulated the Ten Commandments. Jesus told the rich young ruler that these commandments needed to be obeyed in order to experience the life of God. Jesus went on to raise the standard for every commandment. So, Grace does not nullify the commandments, it takes them to the next level!

    Grace is probably one of the most misunderstood and misused words in the church today. Some believers have used the word “grace” to excuse all types of sinful behavior. This is not the proper understanding or application of the word “grace.” Grace does not mean it is ok to practice a lifestyle of sin.

    Grace defined means the divine influence upon the heart that is reflected in the life. It is the grace of God that empowers us to live holy lives. Grace enables us to obey. Grace gives us the ability to do what is right when faced with temptation to do wrong. Grace empowers us to keep God’s commandments and see them fulfilled within our lives. I encourage you to obey God’s commandments as you allow His grace to work in your life.

    In Deuteronomy 28, God told His people that if they would walk in obedience His blessing would overtake them. Understand that blessing is always on the other side of obedience. God’s desire for you is to experience His abundant life. Obey Him and you will see it happen. Let Him take you to the Next Level!

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