Dr. Wade M. Rinehart
Listing Type : Professional ServicesPhysical Therapy
Name : Dr. Wade M. Rinehart
Business Name : First Choice Physical Therapy
Address : 2300 Jenks Ave., Lynn Haven, FL 32444
Fax : (866) 854-3159
Business Description : Specializing in Spinal Mobilizations, Headaches, Work & Auto related Injuries, Orthopedic & Sports Rehabilitation from head to toe. Call Today!
Personal Comment : My business plan is simple Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is to be desired more than riches...” I get the privilege of being God’s hands in the ministry of Physical Therapy. It’s easy to get passionate about one’s work when you know that it is your life’s calling. It’s real easy for me to tell you about how awesome First Choice Physical Therapy is, but I’d rather you come and experience how awesome God is through our company.

“First Choice Physical Therapy is the most professional, yet friendly, team that I have ever met in Panama City. I was there for post-surgical rehab. Their whole team pays close attention to what you are doing and they are all very attentive to your individual situation. They were just fantastic! I would recommend them without any reservation whatsoever.”

Diana Harmon
Bayou George area, FL.

“Wade and his team are all really sharp people…from what I’ve heard, he has more physical therapists with their Doctoral degrees than any other place in town. And from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t keep people coming back month after month, year after year. One thing that really impressed me was kind of a personal thing. My son had been treated for a hip/back problem and he was off to college but was coming home for the holidays. Well, Wade wouldn’t let me make an appointment but I wanted to make sure he got reimbursed by my insurance. But Wade just said, ‘come on in and we’ll take care of him’ which they did on a complimentary basis. And finally I must tell you, I don’t want to say I go to physical therapy for fun, but at First Choice, I actually enjoy it!”

Sterling Underhill
Former Fighter Pilot, Bay County


“If it weren’t for Wade, I probably wouldn’t be playing for the Pittsburg Steelers. As far as I am concerned, Wade’s biggest asset is that he actually cares for people, and that not only means his clients, but his employees. First Choice is a ‘family’ atmosphere, it’s focused but relaxed. (When Bert was asked if he could remember a specific time when Wade went above and beyond the call of duty, his answer was as follows): I was at a point where I couldn’t really afford Mr. Wade or the treatment that I needed. Being a college athlete I wasn’t working with too many connections or anybody that was funding me…and Wade took me in and helped me get what I needed and he didn’t have to do that…I felt so honored to know him and work with him.”

Editor’s Note: Bert Reed was a college football player (FSU) who suffered a possible career ending hamstring injury. After his rehabilitation at First Choice, Mr. Reed signed with the Pittsburg Steelers….and he promised me we would see him in the Super Bowl next year!

Bert Reed
From Panama City
No. 11 on the Pittsburg Steelers
Dr. Wade M. Rinehart
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