I would like to offer a ‘WHOLE-HOUSE’ SURGE PROTECTOR for $100 OFF.

The regular price is $400. This price also includes installation and is for Cross Reference Readers only. This Special Price may vary depending on your application.
Telford A. Reynolds
Listing Type : House & YardElectrical
Name : Telford A. Reynolds
Business Name : Telford Reynolds Electric, Inc.
Address : 2814 Hwy 390 (Suite C), Panama City, FL 32405
Fax : (850) 769-5006
Business Description : We specialize in servicing the electrical needs of both residential and commercial applications.
Personal Comment : One of the most important truths of the kingdom of Yahweh is faithfulness. This is something that cannot be taught or learned by reading a book or sitting in a classroom. Faithfulness can only be received through impartation from a faithful father. It is my desire to be faithful to Yahweh, my wife, my family & those whom I serve daily...faithful over the little things, faithful over another man’s things, faithful over money.
License Number : ER13014599
Telford A. Reynolds