Prayer Times Can Be Funny

    Prayer Times Can Be Funny
    Jeff Scalf

    Jeff Scalf, Lead Pastor

    St. Andrew Assembly of God

    In my earlier years when I was a morning person, I would arise at 5am for prayer. From time to time I would mix it up and pray in a different location. Sometimes in a closet, the living room or outside. This particular time I was praying outside. In front of the townhouses I lived in was a patch of brush with a little pig trail that looped off the end of the townhouse’s driveway. Hardly anyone used that pig trail to loop or exit the townhouse driveway. So I chose that area for my pre-dawn prayer time.

    I slept in “jogging shorts” that were mainly white with some designs on it and a sleeping t-shirt. Many times I would just roll out of bed, slip on my tennis shoes and head outside to pray. So get this image in your mind. In the pre-dawn hours of the morning, white jogging shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes.

    This particular morning as I am praying I heard a car speeding down the dirt road by our townhouses. It then slid sideways into the townhouse parking lot, raced to the end of the driveway and stopped. I froze in the middle of the pig trail and watched. After a second or two the car started speeding off but made its way onto the pig trail. “Yikes”, I thought to myself and was high steeping it through the headlight beams across the pig trail into the brush to escape the madman in the car. The car never slowed down but zoomed past the brush I had dove into. “What in the world was that”, I said to myself as I emerged from the brush, unharmed but shaken.

    The next morning the same scene, me praying, insane driver stopping at the end of the driveway and me high stepping through the headlight beams as I dove into the underbrush again.

    The third morning, I hear yet again the now familiar sound of that car racing down the dirt road. I was sure that this was a demon possessed individual sent on a mission from the devil himself to disrupt my prayer time. This time however I hurried to the underbrush to get not only ahead of the driver but to see if could catch a glimpse of his face. This time when he stopped I saw him throw something out the window. He then put the pedal to metal and tore through the pig trail.

    Once the demoniac was gone I cautiously approached the object that he threw out the window. What could it be? It was still rather dark but it seemed to white. My heart is racing as my mind races through the possibilities a demonic could throw out the window. To my bewildered amazement, it was…..the newspaper.

    There’s some poor newspaper delivery person out there who has an odd story about some crazy person running around in what he assumed was his underwear.

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