Question of the Month – June 2019

    Question of the Month – June 2019

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    WINNING ANSWER: In the distant past, the phrase “pardon my French” was used by English speakers who included French words and phrases in their conversation. In more modern times, the phrase is used by speakers to precede profanity or extreme crudeness, not French words or phrases. Although the phrase is an immediate alert for what is about to be said, it does not excuse vulgarity or profanity despite what some might think.

    Anna, Panama City

    June 2019 Question of the Month:

    Ever heard a Christian use the phrase “Pardon my French but…” right before they use a profane word or two?  What is your opinion of this situation?

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    • Tayor R. says:

      I think a Christian’s language does more to help or hurt his or her witness than just about anything thing else. Believe it or not, we had a older Sunday School teacher at our church that would say “pardon my French,” and then next thing out of his mouth was the “GD” word. I never respected him again.

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