What I Would Say to a Person That is Considering Suicide

    What I Would Say to a Person That is Considering Suicide

    Henry Hazard

    Pastor, Heritage Bible Church

    I know that you are discouraged at this point of your life. You may believe that your situation is hopeless and that by committing suicide you will be able to solve all your problems. But I would like you to consider some other facts.

    First, just because your life ends on this earth does not mean that it is the end. You will have to face your Creator and give an account for the life that He gave you. What will you say when He asks you, “Why did you do that? I had a future planned for you. I am the God of hope. I intended to walk with you through your struggles and give you victory. I wanted you to lean on Me and learn to trust Me so that your life would be a testimony that encouraged others going through difficult times.”

    Second, not all suicide attempts are successful. If one survives, there may be permanent brain or liver damage or some other debilitating injury.

    Finally, God has a perfect will for each person, including you. He knows how to make your life meaningful but you will have to yield yourself to Him. Let Christ be your example. He endured pain, rejection, ridicule and a terrible death. But He did not commit suicide. He leaned on His heavenly Father for grace and strength. He was victorious! You too can be victorious over your situation.

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