Linda Hoffman
Listing Type : Professional ServicesPublication/Graphic Design
Name : Linda Hoffman
Business Name : The Hoffman Company
Address : 2617 W. 9th Street, Panama City, FL 32401
Phone : 850-867-9725
Business Description : Experienced graphic designer. From business cards to billboards. Publication specialist. Printing. 34 years experience. Affordable.
Personal Comment : I must give God the glory for the talent He has blessed me with. I am always amazed. I am dedicated to my clients’ success and know that as I invest my talent to that end, He will continue to use me to help others.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the two best graphic designers in all of Northwest Florida, Linda Hoffman and Tosha Manke. Both are featured in this book and have assisted in the creation of several of my publications including Who’s Who In Blue and the Cross Reference. Linda Hoffman is one of the most creative graphic artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you are considering any type of flier, publication or just need a world-class ad built, you can’t go wrong with Linda.”

bobby weaver, Publisher-The Cross Reference, Inc,  Cell: 866-1299
Linda Hoffman
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